Default The Next Sports Exchange API is Coming

Betfair is hard at work on the next version of the Betfair Sports Exchange API. It’s been a long time since we made any significant changes to the API and we know there is lots of pent up demand for some new features, etc.

As you may know, Betfair has been busy re-building the underlying infrastructure of the Sports Exchange. The website has had a facelift and is now powered by a new set of internal services. The next version of the Betfair Sports Exchange API is going to be built on top of these new services.

The goals for the new API are:

  • Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible
  • The best way to build an interface to the Exchange
  • Anything you can do in a Betfair built interface can be built on the API
  • Build a modern web API (HTTP/JSON)
  • Fix the missing features in the API (compared to the Website)
  • Satisfy some long-standing feature requests
  • Access to the same data
  • Access to the same products (Sports Exchange, Sportsbook, etc)
  • Easy to use and easy to learn

There are a number of specific enhancements and new features planned for the API based on the above goals, but we wanted to highlight three today:
  1. Virtual Prices. The new API will return the same price data as the website.
  2. No more SOAP. The new API is RPC/JSON. You can request data with an HTTP GET to a url like " and get a response like:

        "availableToBack" : [
                            "price" : 21,
                            "size" : 4.06
                            "price" : 17.5,
                            "size" : 3.62
                            "price" : 1.05,
                            "size" : 3.68
  3. Easier to get the data you need. The new API combines public market data (like market prices) with private market data (i.e., you're matched and unmatched bet status) in a single response.

We don’t have a definitive release date for the new API. However, we are hoping to begin letting people kick the tyres sometime in the next few months. We will be posting more information about the upcoming API when we’re closer to a release date, including documentation and sample code.

Let us know what you think of these changes! Please post any comments here in the BDP Forum.