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Default 3:30 Newmarket - what object is this?


I can get a marketID, the horse selectionId's and horse names to screen, but am having issue with tagging the time and race meeting to the data, as in subject line:
3:30pm Newmarket

What object must I grab, if say using the extensions of MarketCatalogue[0] ........?

I tried marketCatalogues[0].MarketName.ToString(), but got "R8 6f Allw Claim" and not what I wanted.

Any help appreciated.

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Default Got the name now


Just to update, I have now added the following to my marketprojections data request options i.e.

This has now populated the venue information, when I try:

string horseRaceVenue = marketCatalogues[0].Event.Venue;

Previously, the information was null as I'd not requested this level of information.

But, I am still struggling to get the time of the meeting right, i.e. the 3:30pm.

Again, any help appreciated.....

Thanks in advance,

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Default Got the racetime now

Ah - again, I've added to the..............
ISet<MarketProjection> marketProjections = new HashSet<MarketProjection>();

By adding the following:
marketProjections.Add(MarketProjection.MARKET_DESC RIPTION);

I've been able to select the following now populated information:
var marketTime = marketCatalogues[0].Description.MarketTime;

Its currently one hour out for the US market, so I've done
MarketTime.AddHours(1), but will have to code this more sensibly as I guess the UK market could show one hour to early? so better check the other locations and code up for geographical differences, if its not a direct BST correction. Will do a bit more research on this.

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If you're using .NET, there's an option to convert from local time to UTC. Someone posted about it a few weeks back. Try a search for UTC on the whole forum and you should find it.
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Yep, can confirm the Betfair times are in UTC. I'm thinking you are using C# so you can do something like this:

DateTime d = DateTime.Now;

DateTime u = d.ToUniversalTime;

DateTime nd = u.ToLocalTime;
in my current program I use TimeZone infos, which allows you to specify the timezone from the computers registry and convert to and from UTC etc:
(this is tho)

So I'd specify a timezone, Ie. "AUS Eastern Standard Time" which is chosentimezone and you can then use built in functions to convert.

selectedtimezone = TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById(chosentimezone )
currentconvertedTime = TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc(Date.UtcNow, selectedtimezone)
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Default Utc

Cheers JABE / Jake

Have implemented your good advice. I suppose using UTC will eventually make my code cope better when the clocks roll back again in October.


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