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betdynamics betdynamics is offline
Senior Member

Two machines are really immaterial, I think.

The determining factor is the number of live bets that you are placing via your API key. If you are taking lots of data from the API for an extended period, but not placing any bets then they will shut you down.

I'm not sure if bets placed via your account but not via your API key offset anything, but I would hope that they would.

I think there used to be a webpage that explained this, but I can't seem to locate it at the moment.
zeal zeal is offline
Junior Member

I was decreased the played event numbers in my old VBA program. I had to do that, because I wanted to start the new one. I left only 2 or 3 played events, just to show I am on the market. It was also a good way to compare the 2 program. There was maybe a week while I was testing my new C# bot and at this time the old bot was running only with a very few bets. It was not a smart move by me, wasn't it? :/
zeal zeal is offline
Junior Member

And the final answer is... :

"Dear XXXXXXXX, Comments:


Whilst we understand your points, we can not support your usage of the data in this way. Publication of market data to a website is limited to Affiliates with an Odds Publisher license.

Your live app key will not be reactivated. Your access to the website however remains at a normal level.

Kind Regards,"

I really don't know what's going on. I have never done that. I have sent both of my programs to them so it is absolutely clear.

Are they confound me with somebody else?
sidhu007 sidhu007 is offline
Junior Member
Default Similar issue

Zeal - my live key was closed around the same time as yours with the same reasoning.

I've just started working on my project after a year or so (I have very old API Ng app keys) and it was closed citing 'commercial usage profile'. I have not placed bets via the API yet.
I am definitely not a commercial user!
I was collecting in play data at a high frequency, for simulation/ backtesting.

I would like to use the delayed API key, however I cannot place bets with it as I get ACCESS_DENIED error codes. I've read this is to do with old versions of delayed key.

I've raised a few support tickets over the last couple of weeks and have had no reply. Trying to post here for some feedback. In the mean time I'll just keep raising more support tickets.
zeal zeal is offline
Junior Member

Hello sidhu007!

I have made a similar mistake like you. I thought I can test and debug my second bot with the Live App Key, while my old (excel-vba) bot was running. At first everything went smoothly, but when I started to reduce the actively played events in my old bot than I was suspended.
It took me a lot of e-mails while I was reactivated. I sent my programs showing them I never wanted to do any harmful things, I just do not know the best practice of testing.

Well, I am still not sure.
I know you can use the Betting API with the Delayed App Key for testing. I always liked this practice. It was logic and there is lot of information at this forum, if you wanna learn this.
The Stream API caused me the problem. It is way better, but there is a luck of information. I had to learn a new language (C#), inject my betting logic ...and I have failed every day. It took me a lot of experimenting, but the Stream API was never clear for me. Maybe coders should use the Delayed App Key with the endpoint for testing the Exchange Stream API. I do not know this setup provides delayed stream data or not. Because I was running a live bot parallel I have never checked this setup.

Today I would first ask them via e-mail before I start doing anything new. this way I would loose less time like with the suspension. If I were you I would send my source code to them, showing there was no bad intention, only simple mistakes. I wish I could give you any better advice.

Actually today I will start my new bot. Before I do this I will send them an e-mail to ask them for feedback. They can tell me if it does not work as fine as it should.
Fingers crossed, but if it works I still have to read the documentation all over again and again...

Good luck for you too!
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