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I'm trying to use api5.php sample. But I can't find methods SoapClient->login() and SoapClient->getMarket() etc.
As I understood this script uses changed soapclient class.
Please tell me where I can download changed SoapClient, or how can I solve this problem.
Best regards Alex.


Re: Question about SoapClient (php)
Posted on 2/16/2007 7:49 AM

Sorry, I don't really understand your question.

If you are referring to my script then this is now broken with the latest API updates.

An IP address field needs adding to the login parameters, it can be left blank unless your software is acting as a proxy or BDP tell you otherwise, in which case it needs setting to the IP address of the end user.

e.g. change this line:

$result = $BFGlobalSoapClient->login(array("request"=>array("username"=>$usernam e, "password"=>$password, "productId"=>$productid, "vendorSoftwareId"=>$vendorid, "locationId"=>$location)));


$result = $BFGlobalSoapClient->login(array("request"=>array("username"=>$usernam e, "password"=>$password, "ipAddress"=>"", "productId"=>$productid, "vendorSoftwareId"=>$vendorid, "locationId"=>$location)));


Re: Question about SoapClient (php)
Posted on 2/16/2007 8:02 AM

Ah, think I just understood your problem, the script only works on PHP5 using the inbuilt soap library.

Maybe you're using PHP4 or your PHP5 doesn't have soap enabled, I dunno.