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Default How do you return a list of MarketIds as a string with each record in double quotes

I am trying to convert my Javascript program to Python.

If I hard code the marketIds into an API request they work fine ie

requestFilters = {"filter":{"marketIds":["1.128390571","1.131715486"]}, "sort":"FIRST_TO_START", "marketProjection":["MARKET_START_TIME","RUNNER_DESCRIPTION"], "maxResults":"3"}

and returns the following if you print request filters.

requestFilters = {"filter":{"marketIds":["1.128390571","1.131715486"]}, "sort":"FIRST_TO_START", "marketProjection":["MARKET_START_TIME","RUNNER_DESCRIPTION"], "maxResults":"3"}

problem is I want to get the MarketIds for the next 10 markets and then get data on them. I need to be able to collect them in a list which I pass to request filters as a string. Market Ids are strings and sometimes have trailling zeros so they must be stored as strings.

If I create an array with the same markets and pass it to requestFilters as a string it fails because it converts double quotes to single quotes,
single quotes remain single quotes,
single + double quotes convert to single + double and not double as I had hoped.
Only double quotes work in requestFilters so I have to get my list to leave each item surrounded by double quotes


Markets = ["1.128390571","1.131715486"]

MarketsString = str(Markets)
print ("\nMarketsString = ", MarketsString)
requestFilters = '{"filter":{"marketIds":'+str(Markets)+'}, "sort":"FIRST_TO_START", "marketProjection":["MARKET_START_TIME","RUNNER_DESCRIPTION"], "maxResults":"3"}'
print ("\n requestFilters = ",requestFilters)


MarketsString = ['1.128390571', '1.131715486']

requestFilters = {"filter":{"marketIds":['1.128390571', '1.131715486']}, "sort":"FIRST_TO_START", "marketProjection":["MARKET_START_TIME","RUNNER_DESCRIPTION"], "maxResults":"3"}

which doesn’t work

I have spent hours on this and can find no solutions
betdynamics betdynamics is offline
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Are you sure this isn't just a facet of the print function?

If not, you can probably:

1. Just replace all single quotes with double quotes using the replace function


2. Use json.dumps to produce a json string.

LiamP LiamP is offline
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You are trying to build a string rather than a python dictionary which you can then convert to json using json.dumps().

For example

import json

markets = ['1.12424345', '1.1243545']
filter = {'filter': markets}

request = json.dumps(filter)
Or just use my library and save yourself a few days of pain
Neophyte Neophyte is offline
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Thanks everyone. You are really quick. No doubt after you had posted your replies I found a solution. Which I set out below. This is essentially betDynamics first solution but it took me a little while to get it to work for the reason given at the end. I will look at json.dumps to understand that and also Liamps library.

Thank you both for the speed and helpful pointers

Markets = ["1.128390571","1.131715486"]

MarketsString = str(Markets)
MarketsString = MarketsString.replace("'",'"') # that is (double single double,single double single)
print ("\nMarketsString = ", MarketsString)
requestFilters = '{"filter":{"marketIds":'+MarketsString+'}, "sort":"FIRST_TO_START", "marketProjection":["MARKET_START_TIME","RUNNER_DESCRIPTION"], "maxResults":"3"}'
print ("\n requestFilters = ",requestFilters)

Now outputs as

MarketsString = ["1.128390571", "1.131715486"]

requestFilters = {"filter":{"marketIds":["1.128390571", "1.131715486"]}, "sort":"FIRST_TO_START", "marketProjection":["MARKET_START_TIME","RUNNER_DESCRIPTION"], "maxResults":"3"}

which works at least until I try reading data from market catalogue and adding to Markets

A word of warning. Using either ‘’’ or “”” in string.replace creates a multiline comment starter which remarks out the rest of the program
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