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VB6 and Excel
Forum discussing the sample spreadsheet and VB5/6 development. Visual Basic (VB) is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model.

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Angry Nothing seems to work!

I am hoping someone will help out here. I have been going through all the VBA non interactive login info I can find but nothing seems to work .

I have created the appkey - but what does not make sense is where to use it

I have created all the openssl csr's crt's keys pems and p12s

used the code from the sample spreadsheets and amendments on the forum

uploaded all above to betfair as per

the last straw is that I need to use a .p12 when I run the VBA certlogin
but betfair does not accept .p12 when I tried to upload

and this line of code in a sample

oHTTP.send "username=myuser&password=mypassword" which brings an error up saying a certificate is needed to complete client authentication

I have uploaded the cert to betfair and installed it in a keystore on my laptop when prompted and it is also in the same directory as this excel sheet

AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGG this is so frustrating - so little simple to follow info out there and that which out there is wrong

any help to get me logged on to API with VBA will be greatly appreciated

Clive ( I chose the forum name stumped because that is how I feel)
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Have you loaded ANY certificates to your Betfair account?

Try loading up the PEM file to your account.
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Default VBA and Betfair

Hi there Clive,

I know how you feel. I have been working with BF since 2008 and get it to work natively with VBA is not very simple.

Go back through this thread and you will see my responses to others who have raised similar issues.

The simplest way to use BF and VBA together is by creating the connection parts in (or c# if you prefer) and the use the library as a com add in in either excel or access.

I do this every day and it works very well - that said I have other apps that use alone and they are much easier to work with.

In VBA I use collections and dictionaries to parse the json - the only reason I still use the vba is that a lot of my work uses access databases.

Good luck if you persist with the vba....
stumped stumped is offline
Junior Member

I have managed to get the login working through Python which writes to an excel sheet ( session token ) which I read with VB , slowly but surely
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