Default General help - Football coding (double backing)

I have two queries:

1) It might be a quick fix, but my BDP code occationally backs multiple times on the same football match.

Eg I have instructed the code to back a football match o/u 2.5 goals at 1.10 it then does it 6times. I guess this is because the Bet / Lay quote remain the same (eg during half time) while the script is run multiple times..

Any ideas to resolve this?

2) if I want to apply the code below to a specific league eg Armenian league could you come with some examples in how to extend the code below specifically to that football league?

Here is an extract of the code:
if best_back_player1==1.09 and best_lay_player1 == 1.10:
if marketid + selectionid_player1 not in blacklist2:
orderdetails = placeBet(marketid, selectionid_player1, price="1.10", size=str(strat2_amt))