Default Looking for JSON RPC/Powershell help


I am a relative newbie to BF/Powershell and looking for advice of people who have experienced how to do this before. I have connected to BF Login successfully and also to the JSON-RPC link (Invoke Web-Request).

My question is, I have made a successful connection and had a JSON response - but what can I do to make this meaniningful? i.e. Get a list of events etc.

I will paste a short amount of my response as it's quite large.

The JSONRPC response is related to the ListEvents call.

{"event":{"id":"28257451","name":"Leo 9th Sep","countryCode":"IE","timezone":"Europe/London","openDate":"2017-09-09T17:45:00.000Z"},"marketCount":1},

{"event":{"id":"28306983","name":"Dubb (AUS) 16th Jul","countryCode":"AU","timezon

{"event":{"id":"28306850","name":"Devn (AUS) 16th Jul","countryCode":"AU","timezone":"Australia/Sydney","venue":"Devonport","openDate":"2017-07-16T02:05:00.000Z"},


Thanks in advance!