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Mr Magoo Mr Magoo is offline
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Default What is the point of ?

The status page was showing a completely working API at least half an hour after bet placement broke this morning. I thought that this status page was meant to give live, automatic updates on Betfair's systems.

Does it actually really on someone behind the scenes to manually switch the display? In which case, doesn't it become just as slow and unreliable as the other channels (forum, etc) that Betfair use to tells us about problems long after they occur?
Betfair Developers Program Betfair Developers Program is offline
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Hi Mr Magoo,

Our development team are investigating why this didn't trigger following the Exchange problem today.

The status page is hooked up to automated monitoring tools and is updated automatically.

I'll provide an update once I have one.

Kind Regards

Mr Magoo Mr Magoo is offline
Senior Member

Hi Neil,

Thanks for looking into this.
Fred77 Fred77 is offline
Senior Member

I'm currently adding status page to my new framework. I'm not sure whether it really adds much value over logging my own faults and backing off when I detect multiple errors.

I've been looking at the machine readable version but it seems somewhat wordy for the simple notification I'd like, and without documentation and absence of error condition it's hard to know how it actually behaves.

I imagine I only need to look at[0].lowest_human_status and[1].lowest_human_status for a quick risk assessment.

A less wordy alternative is using the status page rss/atom xml feed, but again, I've no idea what it looks like during error condition.

btw the status page forum announcement that asks for feedback on this feature seems to be closed.
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