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VB6 and Excel
Forum discussing the sample spreadsheet and VB5/6 development. Visual Basic (VB) is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model.

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Default Help with the Excel spreadsheet

Hi there, I've downloaded the Sample Excel spreadsheet and got myself an API key and Session key and managed to login fine. Good.

When I click "Select Market" nothing happens and there is no message in the Status Bar.

Anyone have some advice for me, how to fix this, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to VBA. It would be fantastic to get this spreadsheet working, as it is a great way to operate Betfair.

Looking forwards to hearing from you, perhaps you have an updated version that you use yourselves that you'd be ok to share ?
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Default Excel

I am quite proficient at VBA but I have never had any success getting the spreadsheet to work without lots of effort.

I could never get a clean compile - missing SOAP30 references - I ditched the SOAP toolkit a long time ago. There have been a good many changes since that spreadsheet was built in 2014 - there is no Australian wallet anymore - some of the endpoints hard coded in there may have changed etc.

If you are not proficient at VBA try a language you are good at.

I use the API two ways - directly via aps and in VBA (access not excel) using com add-ins buily in vis studio. Parsing json in vba is punishing - it works right out of the box in VS - and python.

Others have had some success getting a market to show up - but beyond that ????
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Thanks for that, so it seems that the Excel is not as operational as thought.

I would love to code it in another language, just I'm not a proficient coder, but I am very familiar with Excel and having the data there, would enable lots of charting and interface with statistics, the opportunities mean its probably worth persevering with.

I've done some VBA coding in the past and got by, but I've never coded up an API via the Excel, just hoping I can get a kick-start and then roll up my sleeves.

If you have something that you've improved upon from the published version, that would be great to have ?
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BetAngel has an excel interface although you may find it limiting, or learn Python it's much easier than VBA!
excelapi excelapi is offline
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Hi, very good, yes if I was more a Dev type, I definitely would learn Python or along those lines, the hoops us End User types have to jump through to get anything done !

I do feel a direct Excel interface would be valuable to End User types, as they're ok with Excel or OpenOffice and opening a file and tinkering around with the data, it can't go too far wrong.

I've managed to get something working by using Get External Data, which is a crude way of getting the data into Excel, flipside is its more likely to work with more User Configurations out there, the VBA is more sensitive to the Environment.

If there is a kind of working spreadsheet out there, I would appreciate to be sent it, I'll continue with the Get External Data, as that work won't be lost, definitely there's an opportunity here for something great to be developed.
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