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Closing date now extended to 21st April 2017
Ensure you submit your ideas by this time.

Web Apps

The Web Apps API is an exciting innovation for Betfair that allows developers to integrate Betfair Exchange authentication and betting on any website. Using the OAuth2 authorisation framework, customers give the web app permission to perform actions on their behalf, even when offline.

Free Funding!

Now is the time to pitch your best ideas for a web app that utilises the new Web Apps API capabilities for our consideration. Betfair will review and contribute to the development costs for the best ideas.

Please send your pitch to bdp@betfair.com with the subject line ‘Web App Pitch’ by 21st April 2017.

You’ll need to outline your idea in full, including:

• Features and benefits (including any planned charging model / mechanism)
• Designs and / or screenshots.
• Target users and countries
• A full breakdown of development costs and timelines for delivery.

In order to expand the range of interfaces available to Betfair customers, we want to encourage innovation. Web apps lower the barrier to entry for customers by facilitating use of Vendor-built features and tools within their browser, rather than needing to download an application to their desktop or mobile – all while keeping them secure. For more information see https://developer.betfair.com/vendor-program/web-apps/.

To stimulate your creativity, ideas that you might consider building on:

Apps already live in the market place are as follows:

Terms and conditions:

• Countries excluded are – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and any other country where customers cannot register for a Betfair account.
• You, as the Vendor own the code. No ongoing support costs will be covered by Betfair.
• Payment terms are 30 days on receipt of invoice, with payment milestones as agreed – subject to contract.
• The successful Vendor will be required to enter into an agreement to govern the terms of the development/integration work and shall provide for a Vendor licence for the web app. The Vendor licensing and certification process can be located via https://developer.betfair.com/vendor...m/the-process/
• Betfair requires exclusivity with respect to the idea / app. The successful Vendor is not permitted to develop a similar web app for any competitor Exchanges / operators
• If you are the winner of the competition, you agree that Betfair may use your name and image to announce the winner or the competition and for any other reasonable and related promotional purpose.
• Betfair reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the competition where it becomes necessary to do so.
• These terms and conditions will be governed by English Law
• Entries close UK time midnight, 21st April 2017

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